Progut® Rumen

Progut Rumen is a patented (EP 0946108) new generation yeast product. The unique hydrolysis process used to break down the yeast cell. Yeast cells from the brewing industry are deactivated by heat treatment and then hydrolysed to release soluble, bioactive particles.

Research has shown that the unique composition of bioactive particles enhances rumen fermentation by increasing the number of rumen microbes. More microbes can produce more volatile fatty acids, which positively impacts milk production. More over, the amino acid composition of microbial protein is optimal for milk protein synthesis. Cows fed using Progut Rumen have in trials increased milk production up to 6 % (table 2). The effect has been similar throughout the entire lactation period. Progut Rumen enhances also animal’s natural immunity, which has been seen in fitter calves.

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Recommended dosage rates
Dairy cows
2 weeks before calving and during the lactation
10 g/day
Beef cattle 5 – 10 g/day
Calves 2 – 4 g/day
Sheep and goats
  • 2 weeks before calving and during the lactation
  • lambs and kids
1 g/day