Progres® is a novel patented feed innovation – the only resin acid product in the global feed market. It directly supports the gastrointestinal integrity and function of animals in a scientifically proven way. Progres® is the first natural product with proven anti-inflamatory effect in gut tissue. Due to unique mode of action, Progres® has shown consistently excellent results in different countries and production conditions.

Progres® improves both animal performance and the sustainability of animal production worldwide and is becoming an integral part of ABF production systems. With a range of proven benefits in different applications Progres® improves the profitability of the industry.

Progres® originates from the pure Northern coniferous forests. In the Finnish folk medicine, rosin has been known for centuries for its anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Recent research has demonstrated that the active compounds of rosin are resin acids. The active compound of the product is known measurable and heat stable.

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Progres® is based on rosin, the natural defense mechanism of coniferous trees. It is produced from tall oil, a co-product of pulp production, using a specific refining process. The bioactive compounds of the product is known measurable and heat stable.


Progres® directly supports intestinal integrity and favorably modifies intestinal microbiota. This results in improved performance and welfare of animals in different production conditions.




Progres® gives consistent results every day 24/7. The product demonstrated statistically significant effect in 70% of the trials completed by independent institutes. In both institutional and field trials Progres® has constantly improved:

  • the growth and feed conversion of broilers
  • the final slaughter weight and and feed conversion of veal calves
  • sow’s and piglets’ performance

Being guided by a detailed understanding of the product’s mode of action, we explore the potential of the product in different species and applications.

Our exciting Progres®-journey, which started in 2014 in Suomen Rehu, continues. 

Achievement of a long development process. Progres® is a result of our firm commitment to meet customers’ needs while responding to societal challenges. For the outstanding work on Progres® we have been awarded with the Finnish Prize for Innovations. Progres® had also won the «Best idea of 2017» vote in the Netherlands.

Thanks to enthusiastic and dedicated work of our partners in different countries, Progres finds its way to new markets.

Join the Progres® adventure!