Our Products

Hankkija FFI/Suomen Rehu develop highly innovative natural feed additives, which promote better animal gut health and performance. We have a proud history in the development of game changing solutions that have become global phenomena.

Our values align with Nordic principles of Clean Air, Clean Food, Animal Health and Welfare.

Progres® is a new and highly innovative product, developed by Suomen Rehu, for use in animal feeding. It has its roots in the Finnish forests. It is a naturally active force.


Progut® is a yeast-based feed ingredient aimed at maintaining good gut health and productivity of animals.
Progut Rumen® is new generation yeast product. The patented (EP 0946108) hydrolysis process used to break down the yeast cell.
Acetona® is a product range and feeding concept for transition period. Acetona® range offers a tool to optimize and manage feeding around parturition.