A new article on Progres® published

The recent publication of Shah Hasan article adds to the impressive list of scientific publications on Progres®. A study conducted in collaboration with the University of Helsinki demonstrated that Progres® supplementation in the sow late gestation diet increases colostrum yield, colostrum IgG, colostrum serum amyloid A, the abundance of beneficial gut microbiota and subsequent litter performance.

Read the articleHasan, S., Saha, S., Junnikkala, S., Orro, T., Peltoniemi, O. and Oliviero, C. (2018) Late gestation diet supplementation of resin acid-enriched composition increases sow colostrum IgG content, piglet colostrum intake and modulates sow gut microbiota. In: Animal.

The results of the study were also presented at the European Symposium of Porcine Health and Management in Barcelona (Spain) and the Digestive Physiology of Pig Symposium in Brisbane (Australia).