Continuously Innovative

Juhani Vuorenmaa, R&D Director 

Hankkija’s feed division is taking a new step and moving from using the “Suomen Rehu” brand to the “Hankkija Finnish Feed Innovations” brand. By adding the tagline “Finnish Feed Innovations” to the company name, we want to highlight our dedication to innovative natural feeding solutions, which support the Nordic approach to safe, sustainable and efficient animal production.

Hankkija FFI will unite the unique approach and expertise of Suomen Rehu with the over 100 years’ experience of Hankkija – the largest agribusiness in Finland. We have developed pioneering feed innovations as Suomen Rehu, and we will continue our endeavors as Hankkija Finnish Feed Innovations.

This gradual name change will occur during 2019–2020.

Over 100 years old, Hankkija is Finland's leading agribusiness company and animal feed manufacturer. This long history is a sign of reliability and customer satisfaction. Hankkija has owned Suomen Rehu for 12 years now, and the transition to a brand bearing the company's own name is a natural step in the history of our tradition-rich feed business. We are changing the name but keeping the traditions.

The predecessors of Hankkija FFI – Suomen Rehu, Cultor and FinnFeeds – had gained renown for the development of game changing solutions that have become global phenomena. In the 1980s, we became the first in the world to launch the feed enzymes Avizyme and Porzyme, as well as Betafin, a natural Betaine. Then, in the 2010s, we became the first company to develop, for use in animal feeding, resin acids from Finnish coniferous trees. These novel compounds, together with our unique yeast hydrolyzate products and product concepts currently in our innovation pipeline, can be essential tools in all natural feeding concepts that support gut health.

Coming from a country as far north as Finland, we have always needed to innovate to survive. We study the resources provided by the clean Nordic nature and refine them into highly innovative products. Hankkija’s feed business began in 1926, with the introduction of our first feed mill. Today, Hankkija exports feeding solutions to over 30 countries.

What is changing with our brand renewal? From the customers' perspective, our daily cooperation will continue in the same smooth way. Our team will work to ensure that our customers achieve the best results in the industry. Moreover, our research & development, unique innovations and our global research network will continue to provide a strong foundation for the competitiveness and success of animal production.