Recent research on Progut® presented at the Gut Health Symposium in St. Louis (Missouri)

Shah Hasan (University of Helsinki) has presented results from his recent research regarding Progut® inclusion in late pregnancy diets of sows at Gut Health in Production of Food Animals Symposium (Nov. 13-15, 2017). Read the abstract

Mr. Hasan is a member of the University's Pig research group which is conducting several projects related to pig reproduction, welfare and diseases.

Progut® is our patented yeast hydrolysate with proven effects on gut microflora, immunity, and thus positive impact on performance. We have developed the product in the forms suitable for monogastrics and ruminants.

Here you can have a look at our previous research regarding Progut®, find some peer-reviewed publications and download our brochure Progut® for swine.