Progut® helps in the fight against E. coli

By Eija Valkonen, Product Development Manager

Today's chickens and turkeys are more susceptible to various infectious and metabolic diseases than ever before. Immunocompetence of birds has decreased and at the same time cell mediated and inflammatory responses have increased. This results in the birds being less effective at combating bacterial diseases and often leads to unsatisfactory feed intake and performance indices. Consequently, in recent years, there is growing interest in the use of feed additives with immunomodulatory properties for use in intensive poultry production.

Progut is a unique yeast-based feed ingredient. In scientific trials, it has proven its ability to prevent E. Coli attachment to the gut mucus and therefore prevent subsequent multiplication of the organism. Under disease stress Progut supports the animals own immune system and increases significantly the production of immunoglobulin and the number of immunocells.

E. Coli can be one of the most harmful bacteria in poultry production. Mortality and feed conversion efficiency, productivity and growth are negatively affected due to inflammations caused by E. Coli. The main challenge, for meat production, is the high amount of condemned carcases, because of the air pouch inflammation and cellulite.

Progut has beneficial effects on intestinal microbiota leading to better feed conversion. Progut helps in the fight against bacteria under challenging conditions.