Progut Rumen Trial Results presented at JAM 2014 Kansas City

In July we presented the findings from our recent Dairy Performance Trial with Progut® Rumen at the Joint Annual Meeting of The American Dairy Science Association, American Society of Animal Science and Canadian Dairy Science Association (JAM 2014).

Derek Gaffney (Suomen Rehu) had the honor of travelling to the Kansas City convention centre to interpret the results for over 4,000 scientists and trade professionals who attended from the US and around the world.

During the trial, Progut® Rumen significantly increased milk yield while, at the same time, reducing the Somatic Cell Count of the treated cows.

According to Derek, ‘the response to our new trial result was fantastic. The dual benefit of, milk yield and Somatic Cell Count, as well as the uniqueness of our patented Hydrolysed Yeast, was of great interest to all who attended.’

The abstract from the Dairy Trial is now published in:

Journal of Animal Science, Volume 92, E-Supplement 2
Journal of Dairy Science®, Volume 97, E-Supplement 1

– Ruminant nutrition 1609