Progut Rumen – A Prizewinner at AgriScot

Derek Gaffney, Sales Manager Suomen Rehu (on the right) being congratulated by Devenish Nutrition, Distributors of Progut Rumen in UK+Ireland, Patrick McLaughlin, Morgan Sheehy and Emma Moore.

Progut Rumen received recognition by being among the prizewinners for 'Best New Product' at the AgriScot Agricultural show in Edinburgh, Scotland in November 2014. The judges were impressed by the recently published trialwork showing improved milk yield and reduced Somatic Cell Counts in cows as well as enhanced immune response in vaccinated calves. This 'New Generation' Yeast product was developed by Suomen Rehu in Finland using a unique Hydrolysis Process which gives it clear advantages for the animal, the farmer and the feed manufacturer.