Progres® wins the «Best idea of 2017» vote in the Netherlands

In the vote organized by the official website of the Netherlands’ Association of veal farmers (VVK) Progres received almost 43% of the votes.

Our distributor Denkavit add Progres® to their milk replacers to support calves’ intestinal health and performance. The benefits for performance have been already known: 3,1 kg more carcass weight and feed conversion improved by 0,06 kg/kg. The second trial at the DenkaFarm has recently been completed. In this trial Progres improved the carcass weight by 3,6 kg and feed conversion by 0,07 kg/kg.

Klaas Coppens (Denkavit): «Progres® supports calves’ ability to fight against pathogenic bacteria. This is because Progres positively impacts the integrity of the intestinal wall. Especially young calves that arrive into fattening stables from different dairy farms and experience high infection pressure benefit from Progres. Supporting better tissue condition in the gut results in better absorption of nutrients and thus in better performance».

Hans Luijerink (Chairman of the Netherlands’ Association of veal farmers) is handing over the «Best idea of ​​2017» Award to Denkavit's representatives Bert Eggens and Elian Verscheijden

We cordially congratulate Denkavit on this success!