Progres® in Poland

Today’s animal production faces many challenges. Genetic development of commercial breeds is creating pressure and challenges for existing feeding and management policies. Consumer concerns are affecting the tools and methods available. Antibiotics for humans are losing their efficacy in human medicine, and many point the finger at commercial animal production. The entire industry needs to participate in solving this potentially catastrophic situation. Luckily, there are many companies in the industry approaching this issue with seriousness and responsibility.

Magdalena Olejniczak (Product Manager and Sales Support, Noack Poland): In the beginning, we were uncertain about precisely what to expect of Progres®. What we knew for sure, however, was the innovativeness of this product, and we truly believed in its mode of action and effectiveness. Today, Polish customers use this unique formula as a standard component of their complete feed.

Our history with Progres® began with a few commercial broiler trials. The results were better than expected, and it was a good and highly motivating start. We observed that Progres® improved animal performance, but this was not the only benefit of Progres®.

At present we are focusing on broiler and turkey feed, and the feedback from our customers is extremely positive. We can see that Progres® has a beneficial impact not only on bird performance, such as FCR or body weight, but also on bird health. For example, we can see fewer problems with diarrhea, leading to better litter quality and fewer FPD problems. Our customers have also observed reduced mortality, especially during the critical periods of a turkey’s lifecycle. This product, with its multiple effects, is something unique.

We know that Progres® is making a difference in the Polish market and is changing the traditional way of thinking about animal nutrition, and this would have been impossible without the support of Suomen Rehu. Polish customers are happy and impressed with the effects of Progres® and are recommending this product as a means of achieving higher profits and sustainable production.

Jyrki Lehtonen (Area Sales Manager, Suomen Rehu): Poland is the biggest poultry meat producer in Europe. Close to 2.5 million tons of poultry meat were produced in 2016. And it’s still developing, with new feed mills planned and production capacity being renovated and built. It is clear that in Poland, the poultry sector is strong, innovative and outward looking.

Through the passionate and devoted work of our distributor, Noack Poland, we’ve been able to open many doors to Progres® in Poland. At Suomen Rehu, we are enthusiastic about Progres®, and we are trying to pass on this enthusiasm. And we have the hard facts and figures to back us up.