“Progres® in Pigs” -seminar in Germany

Jyrki Lehtonen, Area Sales Manager

Progres® is a new product, which has created a lot of interest among feed industry: although being a natural product, it is thoroughly studied scientifically; its efficacy is tested and proven in many animal species, and the product’s commercial use increases rapidly. 

A seminar focusing on Progres® for pig production has been recently organized by Suomen Rehu and our partner Denkavit in Germany.  We were very pleased with the success of the seminar as German professionals are quite selective and are not joining seminars too easily. The seminar program covered Progres® related issues ranging from high-end science from University of Ghent towards commercial scale trials and practical observations.

The presentation given by Prof. Richard Ducatelle (Ghent University) provided the attendees with rich and innovative data about intestinal health and strong evidence about Progres® and its anti-inflammatory effects. It was clear to all that the coming paper from Ghent University is well worth waiting for.

Progres® results in sows’ trials presented by Juhani Vuorenmaa (Suomen Rehu, R & D Director) consistently show better survival rate and growth of piglets, which results from the proven effects on sows’ colostrum quality and quantity. These findings are supported by research presented by Dr. Marian Kamyczek from the National Research Institute of Animal Production (Poland).

When it comes to really knowing what happens on a daily basis in the sow and pig farms in Germany, there’s hardly a more qualified person to stand up than Sales Manager Fred Bauherr (Denkavit Futtermittel). For more than 25 years, he has been working in Eastern Germany with several big sow operations and is highly appreciated among industry professionals. He has seen what Progres® does in commercial conditions, so his observations are really valuable for pig farmers.

Broadening the perspective of resin acids, we heard a talk from Paavo Heikkinen  (Repolar, CEO). As Suomen Rehu is dedicated to the use of resin acids in animal nutrition, Repolar is the company, who does the same in human medicine. They have updated the old Finnish tradition of rosin’s usage in wound healing to a thoroughly scientific range of products for human medicine.

Although this was a pig seminar, we also wanted to give a broader view on the exciting properties of resin acids. Dr. Lena Martin (Denkavit Futtermittel), together with her colleague Eline de Boer (Denkavit Ingredients), told about recent trials in calves and goat kids. It is quite logical that they saw improvements in many performance parameters, since Progres® works in a very fundamental level, supporting intestinal integrity and normal metabolism regardless of specie.

At Suomen Rehu we have a global approach to Progres®. As antibiotic resistance issues and global worries about sustainability and safety of our food chain are increasing, the search for new products and concepts is on. Progres® is a natural product with a strong scientific foundation, supporting our vision of making Progres® a house-hold name in global feed industry.