Progres® awarded with the Prize for Innovations

We are very proud that Progres® has been awarded with the Prize for Innovations, which is bestowed biennially by the Chemical Industry Federation of Finland. There are two winners this year – Progres® and a new treatment for Parkinson's disease (Univ. of Helsinki/Herantis). 

The Winners: Sigrid Booms (Herantis Pharma), Prof. Mart Saarma (Helsinki Univ. Institute for Biotechnology), Juhani Vuorenmaa (R & D Director, Hankkija), Mikko Rintola (Quality Assurance Manager, Forchem), Jyrki Lepistö (CEO, Hankkija), Juha Orte (R & D Manager, Forchem). Picture: Matti Matikainen 

This winning means a lot for us: it is not only about the proven efficacy of Progres®, it also signifies more general recognition for our way to deal with the current global challenges.

Juhani Vuorenmaa (R & D Director): On a personal level, this was a remarkable acknowledgement of our persistent work for replacing feed antibiotics and for producing more sustainable and safer food.