Progres® at IHSIG in Bangkok

Suomen Rehu have recently participated as gold sponsors at the Intestinal Health Scientific Interest Group (IHSIG) 5th Symposium on Poultry Intestinal Health in Bangkok. With internationally renowned speakers and more than 400 delegates from 35 countries it was a really exciting event.

At IHSIG with our distributor: Derek Gaffney (Suomen Rehu), Jyrki Lehtonen (Suomen Rehu), Dr. Hannele Kettunen (Sciandics), Dr. Watsuma Srisa-ard (Eurotec Nutrition), Dr. Eija Valkonen (Suomen Rehu), Dr. Surasak  Srisa-ard (Eurotec Nutrition)

Dr. Hannele Kettunen (Sciandics Oy) presented her paper entitled “Dietary resin acid composition as a performance enhancer for broiler chickens” detailing some of the remarkable results we have found in our trials with Progres®. We are proud that our research has been recognized at such a prestigious event.

The IHSIG symposia focus on the One World, One Health concept which recognizes that human health is interconnected to the health of animals and the environment.

In poultry production a better understanding of the complex microbiota composition and the host – microbiota interactions will lead to optimal steering of gut microbiota, resulting in better gut health and performance. Research in intestinal problems in humans, like Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), is also investigating these issues so scientific studies can benefit both human and animal health.

Dr. Hannele Kettunen presenting her research on Progres®