The Finnish formula of Progres(s): Responsibility, Innovativeness, Sharing knowledge

Jyrki Lehtonen, Area Sales Manager

We have a long tradition of making feed industry innovations at Suomen Rehu. The dynamics of finding solutions for more sustainable animal production and innovativeness in forest industry has been a driving force behind our R&D work. So, it is quite logical, that product like Progres® comes from Finland.

Pure nature, high standards in animal welfare and good performance of animals in production systems are making Finland very interesting place for companies around the world. We are very proud to tell our customers Finnish philosophy in animal production and we have been taking in small groups of people to Finland to show them the Finnish way of doing things. Our collaboration with domestic agricultural companies is very good and we are very happy, that together with them, we can take people to see farms to show in practice how it’s done.

We believe that approaches practiced routinely in Finland, are required and achievable for other countries also. Global responsibility in animal protein production forces companies to find new solutions and concepts to meet the challenges of the future, demands from consumers and retailers and to utilize in optimal ways the genetic potential of animals.

Last June, I brought a group of Polish company representatives to Finland. We saw farms, discussed with integrators openly about results and ways of achieving them and, naturally, presented latest findings and results with Progres®. I think, every one of us learned a lot.