Hankkija and Forchem invest in the future of Progres®

The excitement about Progres® – the revolutionary feed innovation developed by Suomen Rehu/Hankkija – is a great source of inspiration both for our team and for our partners. Thanks to our global research network and the dedicated work of our R&D team, we have been continuously learning more about the product and its potential.

Risto Näsi (Forchem, CEO) and Henrik Willberg (Hankkija, Head of Feed Division) signing the Investment agreement

Our partners share our belief in Progres®. We are proud to announce a 1.87-million-euro investment to ensure the availability of Progres®. This investment, which has recently been agreed with the Progres production facility Forchem, is a big step in developing our business.

This investment for new tanks dedicated to Progres and filtering system ensures consistent product quality, optimum storage conditions, and accommodates the increasing product quantities. The agreement not only responds to the growing demand for Progres® but also shows the mutual trust which is an essential condition for every successful partnership.

Risto Näsi (Forchem, CEO) and Juhani Vuorenmaa (Hankkija, R&D Director)