Effects of inclusion of Progut on the immune response and performance of piglets after weaning

By Olli Anomaa, Product Development manager

The trial mentioned above was made by the Schothorst Feed Research in the Netherlands and the results of that trial was released in 6th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management held in Sorrento, Italy in May 2014. There were over 1300 participants in the symposium, most of them veterinarians and researchers from all over the world.

Results achieved in the trial demonstrate that Progut has a positive effect on the growth performance of piglets. The immune response of piglets also becomes more effective with the higher levels of antibodies when Progut is used. This provides piglets with better resistance capability against different kind of disease challenges.

One of the main issues in the symposium was the antimicrobial resistance which is causing a big threat to public health. A fast reduction of the antibiotic use is the only way to deal with this dangerous situation in the future. Our need for food will keep increasing continuously. It is not possible to produce enough food and at the same time reduce the antibiotic use without finding some new alternative products to sustain this development.

Progut is a product which gives a possibility to reduce usage of feed antibiotics worldwide. A better feed conversion of piglets will increase the efficiency of production and a better immune system of animals will improve the animal welfare without medications and extra costs.