Register declaration / Description of personal data file

(as per the Personal Data Act 523/1999 Section 10)


1. Controller

The controller of the Hankkija chain's customer data file:

Hankkija Oy, PO Box 390, 05801 Hyvinkää, Finland


2. Data file contact person

Mika Kyyhkynen, tel. +358 (0)10 76 83015

Address: Hankkija Oy, PO Box 390, 05801 Hyvinkää, Finland


3. Name of data file

The Hankkija chain's central business contact database, containing information about the companies belonging to the Hankkija chain, customers, suppliers and partners.


4. Purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of the processing is to manage customer relations, to process the personal data for research as per the Personal Data Act, and to target the Hankkija chain's advertising and direct marketing based on customer data.

Business contact data form the basis for:

Preparing customer orders and delivering the products that customers have ordered.

Invoicing delivered orders.

Sending direct marketing letters based on customer data.


5. Contents of data file

The chain's joint business contact database contains:

Customers' contact information (name, invoicing and delivery address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, municipality).

Each customer's language code and field of business.

The personal identity number or business ID for invoice or contract customers.

Farm data for farm customers.

In addition, the logistics management system contains map location information based on the customer's delivery address.


6. Regular sources of data

The customer's contact information and farm data are based on information given by the customer in the account application or other contracts and the customer's notifications of changes.

Event data are collected from the customer's purchases and sales.


7. Regular disclosures of data

For one-off mailing, name and address data in a file to the printing house.

Hankkija Oy does not disclose or transfer customer data to outsiders for direct marketing purposes. If disclosing customer data outside the Hankkija chain becomes topical, the customer's consent will be requested in advance.

Customers have the right to deny the disclosure and processing of their data for direct marketing and advertising. Please contact our customer service by email: or by telephone +358 10 4022020 (8,35 snt/call + 12,09 snt/min). Inaccurate data will not be used for marketing purposes.

Data may be deleted in accordance with the Accounting Act (1336/1997). Voluntary information used for marketing purposes may be deleted at the customer's request or as a result of the customer relationship coming to an end.


8. Description of data security principles

The processing of customer-specific data in the data systems requires a user name and password to access the chain's systems.

Company-specific data can only be processed by persons with a user account with the company in question.

Manually processed materials such as contracts are kept on the premises of the persons processing them.


9. Right of access and right to prohibit processing

A data subject has the right of access to the data held on him/her. A written and signed access request should be sent to:

Hankkija Oy, Rekisteritarkastus

PO Box 390, 05801 Hyvinkää, Finland