Who are we?

Based in Finland, Hankkija Finnish Feed Innovation develop highly innovative natural feed additives, which promote better animal gut health and performance. We have a proud history in the development of game changing solutions that have become global phenomena.  Coming from a country so far north as Finland, it has always been the case that we must be innovative to survive. Our values align with Nordic principles of Clean Air, Clean Food, Animal Health and Welfare.

Today we gain renown as the first company to develop, for use in animal feeding, Resin Acids from Finnish coniferous trees - Progres®. These novel compounds, together with our unique Yeast hydrolysate products, Progut® and Progut® Rumen and product concepts currently in our innovation pipeline, can be essential tools in all natural feeding concepts that support gut health.

What sets us apart is our Network of Research Partners offering a synergistic combination of skill sets in microbiology, animal physiology, gut health and animal production performance. Together we investigate product candidates, especially from the Finnish Nature, that may offer solutions to the food production challenges of today and tomorrow.

New product innovations and patented feeding solutions are the forces that drive us forward. We are expanding and constantly seek new partners in product research, concept development, sale and distribution.

Join our movement. Let’s make a difference for animals and grow together!

* Hankkija Finnish Feed Innovations is the successor of Suomen Rehu and is the Feed Additive Development Division of Hankkija Oy Agribusiness Company in Finland. Hankkija Oy manufactures its products at five production facilities in Finland.

Turku production plant Opens external link in new windowRydönnotko 4, 20360 Turku, Finland Compound feeds, special feeds, Progres
Säkylä production plant Opens external link in new windowMaakunnantie 4, 27800 Säkylä, Finland Compound feeds, special feeds
Nastola production plant Opens external link in new windowMaitotie 4, 15560 Nastola, Finland Progut, Progut Rumen
Kotka production plant Opens external link in new windowSuursaarenkatu 1, 48100 Kotka, Finland Compound feeds, special feeds
Seinäjoki production plant Opens external link in new windowVarastotie 13, 60100 Seinäjoki, Finland Compound feeds, special feeds