Progut Rumen Research Data

Info Letters – Research SummarySignificant FindingsResearch LocationResearch Location
13-2007The effect of Progut on rumen fermentation in Rumen simulation trials. Fermentation CharacteristicsAlimetrics, Hannover UniIn Vitro + In Vivo
23-2009 The effect of Progut on rumen fermentation characteristics in continuous rumen simulation. Fermentation CharacteristicsAlimetricsIn Vitro
31-2007 The effect of Progut on the Immunity of dairy cows.Immune Response (IgA)Helsinki UniversityIn Vivo
41-2008 The effect of Hydrolysed Yeast (Progut Rumen) on the performance of Dairy Cows in Finland.Milk YieldFinnish Dairy FarmsIn Vivo
51-2009 The effects of Progut on the performance of dairy cows over a number of trials.Metabolic Blood ParametersSwitzerland College of Ag.In Vivo
65-2009 Effects of hydrolyzed yeast supplementation in calf starter on the immune response of neonatal calves experimentally-challenged with microbes. Immune Response in calves to challenge.Seoul University KoreaIn Vivo
74-2007 The effect of Progut on the health and performance of calvesLWG CalvesFarm Trial WalesIn Vivo
83-2010 The effect of Progut on calf rearingRumen DevelopmentDenkavit farm NetherlandsIn Vivo