Progres® is a new and highly innovative product, developed by Suomen Rehu, for use in animal feeding. It has its roots in the Finnish forests. It is a naturally active force.


Progres® is based on rosin, the natural defense mechanism of coniferous trees against various pathogens. Rosin has been used in Finnish folk medicine for centuries to heal infected wounds. Suomen Rehu is first to develop rosin compounds into a form that optimizes their use and efficacy in animal feeding. Progres® is produced from tall oil, a co-product of pulp production, using a specific refining process. Progres® is a mixture of tall oil fatty acids containing a defined quantity of free resin acids.


In our trials Progres® has very effectively prevented the growth of gram+ pathogenicbacteria and intestinal infections resulting in improved animal health and performance.

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Consistency. The bioactive components of Progres® are known, measurable and stable. Their quantity can be guaranteed. They are presented in a form and a concentration which has no negative implications for the animal, humans or the environment. Progres® gives consistent results every day 24/7.

Power. Progres® has an energy density similar to oils of vegetable origin such as soya oil. This can be taken into account when adding Proges® into formulations.

Achievement of a long development process. Progres® is a result of the Suomen Rehu’s firm commitment to meet customers’ needs while responding to societal challenges. A wealth of laboratory as well as in-vivo studies was carried out to test the product and achieve the best efficacy possible.

We are inspired by nature

Progres® is a unique product for feeding to broiler chickens and turkeys throughout their meat production life. A revolutionary feed invention, which bears sizeable market potential worldwide with a number of promising applications going beyond poultry feeds. Discover its forces.

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