Our Products

Suomen Rehu is the largest feed producer in Finland and we both develop and produce feeds for cattle, swine, poultry, reindeers and horses as well as for dogs and cats. Our wide product range offers feeding solutions covering all stages of animal production and feeding methods.

Our own R&D department plays a leading role in developing new products and these products combined with our practical feeding expertise provide a strong base for economical animal production.

Progres® is a new and highly innovative product, developed by Suomen Rehu, for use in animal feeding. It has its roots in the Finnish forests. It is a naturally active force.


Progut® is a yeast-based feed ingredient aimed at maintaining good gut health and productivity of animals.
Progut Rumen® is new generation yeast product. The patented (EP 0946108) hydrolysis process used to break down the yeast cell.
Acetona® is a product range and feeding concept for transition period. Acetona® range offers a tool to optimize and manage feeding around parturition.