Progut® production launched in Brazil

Juhani Vuorenmaa, R & D Director

Due to an increased demand for our new generation yeast, in the end of May we have started contract manufacturing of Progut® at Cerradão factory.

The Cerradão factory is a rather new and modern bioethanol plant located in Frutal 600 km northeast from São Paulo in the middle of sugarcane production area. Their impressive yeast production volumes require good separation, hydrolyzation and drying facilities for assuring high quality of the end products. Our quality audit revealed that the factory has good quality assurance procedures in place and it fulfills the strict quality requirements of Suomen Rehu/Hankkija.

The first 40 tons of Progut® that were produced during the quality audit visit are already waiting for deliveries to our customers outside Europe. This new production site will not only increase the amount of the product available; it also significantly improves our overseas logistics.