Shah Hasan will present Progres® impact on sow colostrum in Barcelona at ESPHM 2018

Shah Hasan (University of Helsinki/Hankkija) will present results from recent research regarding Progres® inclusion in late pregnancy diets of sows at 10th European Symposium of Porcine Health Management (ESPHM) (Barcelona, May 9: 15:30 – 17:30, RESIDENT SESSION).

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Today, pig farming faces challenges caused by the general increase in litter size caused by the use of hyper-prolific sow lines. Newborn piglets are smaller and often don’t receive enough colostrum, which is crucial to their survival and growth. So, there’s a good reason to claim that successful piglet production begins with colostrum.

The research carried out at the Univ. of Helsinki demonstrated that when added to a late pregnancy sow diet, Progres® increases sow colostrum IgG and piglets’ colostrum intake (watch a video presenting this study).

Progres® is our patented rosin based product with proven effects on gut microflora, immunity, and thus positive impact on performance.

Shah Hasan is a member of Helsinki University's Pig research group which is conducting several projects related to pig reproduction, welfare and diseases. Now Mr. Hasan is finilizing his PhD project and we are happy to announce that he has just joined Hankkija/Suomen Rehu as Area Sales Manager. Welcome to the team!

Shah Hasan (Area Sales Manager) and Juhani Vuorenmaa (R & D) presenting our research on Progut® in St. Louis (US)