Progres® impact on colostrum quality and composition in sows

Shah Hasan will present findings regarding Progres® impact on colostrum quality and composition in sows at 14th International Symposium on Digestive Physiology of Pigs (Brisbane, August 22: 16:00 – 17:30, SESSION 2).

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Today, pig farming faces challenges caused by the general increase in litter size caused by the use of hyper-prolific sow lines. Newborn piglets are smaller and often don’t receive enough colostrum, which is crucial to their survival and growth. So, there’s a good reason to claim that successful piglet production begins with colostrum.

The research carried out at the Univ. of Helsinki demonstrated that when added to a late pregnancy sow diet, Progres® increases sow colostrum IgG and piglets’ colostrum intake (watch a video presenting this study).

Progres® is our patented rosin based product with proven effects on gut microflora, immunity, and thus positive impact on performance.

Shah Hasan, who has joined Hankkija/Suomen Rehu as Area Sales Manager, is a member of Helsinki University's Pig research group which is conducting several projects related to pig reproduction, welfare and diseases. Now Mr. Hasan is finilizing his PhD project.