Research Network

At Suomen Rehu, we believe in the ‘network’ approach to Research + Development. Combining companies or individuals who have specialist knowledge and experience together with a common goal brings results quickly and more cost effectively.

In Finland we collaborate closely with the independent research company – Alimetrics Ltd., who have specialist expertise in gastrointestinal health. They carry out tailored biotechnical research for small and large industries around the world.

We recently began a new cooperation with the French world-class feed and research company – Invivo NSA. With 78 feed factories in 18 countries, 3 major research stations in France and experimental farms in Brazil, Indonesia, India and Vietnam, they offer us a huge knowledge and experience in all aspects of animal nutrition and health.

Schothorst Feed Research is a key partner for our scientific live animal trials. Their state of the art facilities and expertise are internationally recognized for large and small scale trials involving ruminants, pigs or poultry.

Denkavit are a dynamic and professional partner with expertise in young animal nutrition.

Also Universities such as Hannover University, Germany and University of Helsinki are reliable research partners.